Humane Fort Wayne operates entirely on the generosity of animal lovers in our community. Humane Fort Wayne is a no-kill shelter! Humane Fort Wayne is 100% donor-funded.
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Danica Lee and Spike Spiegel may seem like unlikely friends, but these two get along well and have been through multiple moves since coming to Humane Fort Wayne. They both have stayed at the shelter, but also have been to a few PetSmart locations while they hope to find their new families. While they aren’t necessarily a bonded pair, we believe that these two would do well in a home together! Danica is a talkative, active gal who loves to explore. Spike is a big sweetheart with lots of energy. Fur real though, Danica Lee and Spike Spiegel are two amazing cats who have been waiting too long for a forever home.

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Greedo is a young gal who is ready for adventure! She loves car rides and making new friends. Greedo has done well with older kids, cats, and other dogs. At 1-year-old, she has high energy and would be the perfect partner for running, hiking, or camping. Fur real though, Greedo is one really good girl!

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It’s time to introduce you to Atz Lee! This special guy is about 1-year-old and he’s FeLV+. This means that he’ll need to be the only cat in the home or go to one with only FeLV+ cats. Atz Lee is young and very healthy! He’s a chill cat that sleeps most of the time and just needs to find a forever home where his true personality can shine. Fur real though, Atz Lee would be the perfect addition to any calm and quiet home.

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When Ivy first came to Humane Fort Wayne, she was labelled as fearful and our staff was advised to use caution when handling her. Now Ivy is thriving and is one of the first cats to greet guests when they walk by our cat rooms! As one of our longest feline residents, Ivy has made great progress and continues to surprise us with her curiosity for the world around her. She has not been around dogs, but she is friendly with other cats. Ivy is about 5-years-old and has so much love to give. And she is still very playful and active! Fur real though, we believe that she will continue to grow and improve once she is in a home of her own.

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Get ready… Get set… Adopt! Ed is a Pointer/Australian Cattle Dog who is about 4-years-old. He’s very energetic and high energy in our kennels, but once he’s run around in the yard a bit, he loves to cuddle! Ed is friendly and enjoys meeting new people that he can play with. Fur real though, Ed is a total sweetheart!

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Ming Ming is currently our longest resident cat at the Humane Fort Wayne Shelter, but that’s just because she hasn’t found the right person yet! Ming Ming is adorable, friendly, and super smart. She has lived with other cats here at the shelter, but she can be cat selective, which means slow introductions to any resident cats will be a must. Ming Ming likes to have a high place to sleep where she can have some time to herself. She’s a very clean cat that spends a lot of time grooming. Fur real though, Ming Ming is one awesome cat who is only lacking a home of her own!

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He’s sour and then he’s sweet! Say hello to Sour Patch Kid. He’s a 4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix who has tons of energy. He would do best in an active home without young children that will give him plenty of exercise and enrichment. He also needs some time to warm up to other dogs, but does well with dogs his size. Even though it seems like he’s always running around, Sour Patch Kid can be super sweet and snuggly! Fur real though, Sour Patch Kid truly lives up to his name and can’t wait to share his excitement and love with you!

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After being surrendered by her owners, Margo is ready to settle down in a new calm and quiet home. She is nervous in the shelter environment and a corneal ulcer in one of her eyes skews her vision, which causes more fear when anything gets too close to her face. Despite being scared, Margo is incredibly sweet and loves affection. She would be the perfect cat for anyone looking to snuggle up and pet a soft animal. Margo just needs a little bit of patience, but she deserves all the love! Fur real though, Margo is beautiful inside and out.

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Get ready to meet Meatball! He’s a 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier Mix who has the cutest little tail that never stops wagging. Meatball is a goofy boy! He’s very food motivated and likes to always be by someone’s side. He also gives out plenty of hugs! Fur real though, nothing is im-pasta-ble with a dog like Meatball!

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The pets that are adopted from Humane Fort Wayne will always have a home here with us. Sami, a 13-year-old sweetheart is a true testament to this. After her owner sadly passed away, Sami returned to us and is now looking for her perfect retirement home (possibly somewhere in France). Sami is calm, quiet, and would love to snuggle up on the couch. Fur real though, Sami is a sweet old lady who just wants to make some new friends!

Fill out an Adoption Application to be Sami’s pal and confidant.

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