Humane Fort Wayne operates entirely on the generosity of animal lovers in our community. Humane Fort Wayne is a no-kill shelter! Humane Fort Wayne is 100% donor-funded.
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Fur Real Though…

Thank you for stopping by “Fur Real Though…”, a blog for our wonky pets that may have been overlooked and underappreciated in their past lives. At Humane Fort Wayne, these animals show us their best sides and we want to share their full potential as adoptable pets.

Rescue These Roommates!

Danica Lee and Spike Spiegel may seem like unlikely friends, but these two get along well and have been through multiple moves since coming to Humane Fort Wayne. They both [...]

Greetings From Greedo!

Greedo is a young gal who is ready for adventure! She loves car rides and making new friends. Greedo has done well with older kids, cats, and other dogs. At [...]

Add Atz Lee To The Family!

It’s time to introduce you to Atz Lee! This special guy is about 1-year-old and he’s FeLV+. This means that he’ll need to be the only cat in the home [...]

Watch Ivy Grow!

When Ivy first came to Humane Fort Wayne, she was labelled as fearful and our staff was advised to use caution when handling her. Now Ivy is thriving and is [...]

Eddie, Set, Go Adopt!

Get ready… Get set… Adopt! Ed is a Pointer/Australian Cattle Dog who is about 4-years-old. He’s very energetic and high energy in our kennels, but once he’s run around in [...]

It Has To Be Ming Ming!

Ming Ming is currently our longest resident cat at the Humane Fort Wayne Shelter, but that’s just because she hasn’t found the right person yet! Ming Ming is adorable, friendly, [...]

Adopt Your Very Own Sour Patch Kid!

He’s sour and then he’s sweet! Say hello to Sour Patch Kid. He’s a 4-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Mix who has tons of energy. He would do best in an [...]

Margo’s Magnificent Life

After being surrendered by her owners, Margo is ready to settle down in a new calm and quiet home. She is nervous in the shelter environment and a corneal ulcer [...]

Nothing Is Im-pasta-ble with Meatball!

Get ready to meet Meatball! He’s a 4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier Mix who has the cutest little tail that never stops wagging. Meatball is a goofy boy! He’s very food [...]

Sami, The Sweetest Senior!

The pets that are adopted from Humane Fort Wayne will always have a home here with us. Sami, a 13-year-old sweetheart is a true testament to this. After her owner [...]

Have A Tail Wagging Good Time With Taylan!

Get your tails down to Humane Fort Wayne to meet Taylan! This 2-year-old Retriever/Mix is full of energy. He loves to run, jump, and play so he would be great [...]

Amazing Affectionate Astra!

Say hello to Astra! She’s cat selective, which means that she’s currently living in our shelter’s lobby by the kittens. Talk about tough competition! But Astra is truly the full [...]

Give Olive All Of Your Love!

Meet Olive The Other Reindeer! She’s a really special girl who is looking for a home for the holidays. At 22 pounds, Olive is full grown, which makes her the [...]

Adopt A Lifelong Comrade!

Come say hello to Comrade Mike! This middle-aged boy sure has a big story to tell! He came to the Humane Fort Wayne shelter with a severe upper respiratory infection, [...]

Bring Big Boy Bo Home!

It’s still Adopt A Senior Pet Month so it’s Bo’s turn to shine bright! Bo’s a 9-year-old Retriever/Terrier who certainly has a lot to say. He’s lived a long life [...]

We Are Falling In Love With Kittens This November!

While we are no longer in “kitten season”, it’s still raining kittens at the Humane Fort Wayne Shelter! These are just a couple of the adorable kittens that are available [...]

Don’t Worry, Be Daphne!

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month so we are featuring little Daphne! At 8.5 years old, Daphne has plenty of life experience and always wants to be the center [...]

Dang, Zang Is One Good Boy!

At nearly 2-years-old, Zang is on the search for his new home. His previous family moved and couldn’t take him along, but this happy-go-lucky guy won’t let that get him [...]

Say Cheese And Smile With Elan!

Elan is a quirky, happy guy with an adorable face. Take a look at those teeth! This 7-year-old Boxer is an incredibly sweet dog who still has plenty of energy [...]

Oswald Cobblepot, The Beloved Community Cat!

Oswald Cobblepot was once a beloved community cat who would roam the streets in search of tasty snacks. He was loved by many, but his caretakers wanted the best for [...]

Brighten Up Your Life With Marjolaine!

When Marjolaine is around, it’s sure to be a great day! This sweet Retriever Mix is a little under 2-years-old and she is always bringing a smile to the faces [...]

Adopt To Change A Pet’s Life!

Here at Humane Fort Wayne, we value all cats – even the ones that are often overlooked and underappreciated. Jen Fizz is one beautiful feline who has been living at [...]

Add Some Sugar To Your Life And Adopt Marzipan!

Marzipan is a sweet treat enjoyed by people around the world and it’s also the perfect name for this sweet boy! Marzipan is a 3-year-old Retriever Mix who came to [...]

Introducing Mary J. Blige the Superstar!

Our very own songstress, Mary J. Blige started her own shelter journey in 2017. What's the 411? She came through our coalition partner, Animal Care and Control and was adopted [...]

Loyal Little Tugboat!

You’ve got a friend in Tugboat! This sweet, happy Labrador Retriever Mix is about 2-years-old. She absolutely loves people and won’t leave your side. Tugboat is a great playmate that [...]

Kittiwake Is A True Family Kitty!

Found inside a garage at the end of spring, Kittiwake and her kitten, Gosling, came to us in rough shape. They both fought a month-long upper respiratory infection and a [...]

The Dynamic Dog Duo!

You've heard the phrase: "Opposites attract". This is certainly true for Moonwind and Siena! These two adorable Pit Bull Mixes are kenneled together and have a blast playing in the [...]

Adopt Your New Adventure Buddy, Clay!

Are you in need of an adventure buddy? Well look no further! Clay is the purrfect man for the job! Clay is a seasoned adventurer who has mastered using a [...]

Tibbs, The Right Hound Man!

Are you looking for a low-maintenance roommate? Then Tibbs the Hound Mix may be the perfect dog for you! Tibbs is an older gentleman (6-years-old) who is looking for someone [...]

Adopt Nellie Oleson To Give Her A Little House Of Her Own!

Nellie Oleson is a retired performer, long tired of high fives for crunchy treats. She's exploring what she really loves doing, jumping hurdles for tuna tube snacks! Nellie has been [...]

Adopt Or Foster To Save Lives!

With the shelter’s kennels full of so many dogs, we wanted to feature everyone this week! Some adult dogs are overlooked and underappreciated when they can give just as much [...]

Never Let Depeche Meow Down Again! Depeche Meow is our resident emo/goth girl. While many of our cats enjoy the catnip pools and laying in the sun, Depeche Meow purrfers to stay in the shade [...]

Don’t Delay – Adopt Kataleya Today!

Dogs are wonderful companions who make our lives infinitely better. The beautiful Kataleya is no exception! She is a 3-year-old Retriever/Mix looking for the perfect family to take her home. [...]

Unleash The Love!

Here at Humane Fort Wayne, we value all cats - even the ones that are often overlooked and underappreciated. There are a few lovely felines that have been at the [...]

Plio Is A People Pup!

Hello Plio! This 2-year-old gal has a lot of interests. She’s a brilliant dog who knows a few commands. She also enjoys squeaky toys, playing fetch, going on walks, and [...]

Nefertiti, Queen of the Lobby!

Nefertiti, Queen of the Lobby, is a returning guest of Humane Fort Wayne. Two years ago she was adopted by a kind man that saw her grace and beauty and [...]

Make Faye’s Day!

Hey Faye! This 8-year-old Staffordshire, Bull Terrier Mix is super calm and laid back. She would much rather relax by your side and enjoy the nice weather than run around [...]

The Manx Twins

Have you heard of a Manx cat? They’re a special breed of domestic cat originating on the Isle of Man, with a naturally occurring mutation that shortens the tail…and we [...]

Let’s Play Ball, Gratia!

She is beauty, she is grace, playtime with Gratia will put a smile on your face! This gorgeous gal is obsessed with playing ball. And she’s good at it, too! [...]

Paging Doctor Barber!

Doctor Barber doesn't know what he wants to be when he grows up, and sometimes when walking, his limbs don't know what they are doing either. His specialty, playtime, is [...]

Mia Wallace, the Wallflower

Mia Wallace is the opposite of her Pulp Fiction namesake. She's not much of a dancer, she's vice-free, and prefers to be a wallflower. You may have missed her if [...]

Adam, The Life Of The Paw-ty

Adam might be a senior, but he still likes to party! At 10 years young, he likes memes including Pizza Rat, plays competitive string games, socializes with other people and [...]

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