Humane Fort Wayne operates entirely on the generosity of animal lovers in our community. Humane Fort Wayne is a no-kill shelter! Humane Fort Wayne is 100% donor-funded.
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Pet Promises

Pets are more than animals; they’re family. And sometimes, families endure hardships. That’s why this program exists—to help you keep the promises you made to your pet.

Pet Promises connects pet owners to resources that help them keep their pets in their furever home, forever. 

You promise to love your pet. We promise to help you do that.

We help families keep their pet promises

  • Pet Food Pantry food and supply giveaways, held every Saturday from 9–11AM at the Humane Fort Wayne Shelter
  • Compassion Foster 
  • In-Home Services
  • Access to low-cost spay/neuter for qualified individuals
  • Quarterly Vaccine Clinics for area low-income residents

Need help with your Pet Promises? Contact us at [email protected].

“Our dog needed an unexpected surgery that would have cost us thousands of dollars… that we didn’t have. If Humane Fort Wayne didn’t step in and help us identify a donor, we could have lost our dog. It would have broken our family, and we’re so grateful that never happened!”

– Anonymous Pet Owner

“We struggled week to week to get by, but didn’t want our daughter to miss out on the opportunity to experience the true love of having a dog growing up. Because of the free food provided by Humane Fort Wayne every week, she has the experience we believe she deserves, and we’re still able to provide for our own needs.”

– Anonymous Pet Owner

Sams For Grams Program

In 2020, we won a Bright Ideas Award from Michigan Humane at their Great Lakes Animal Welfare Conference for Sams for Grams! This is our third year in a row we’ve won a Bright Ideas award. Each year, Michigan Humane selects up to five animal shelters to receive Bright Ideas Awards. These shelters kicked off a creative campaign, thought up an innovative project, or made exciting improvements to their facilities. This year, they were looking for Bright Ideas that were inspired by the restrictions and challenges imposed by COVID-19.

Our creative campaign began when we met Betty Jo and Sam E. Cat. We immediately knew they shared a special bond. When we first introduced our Pet Promises In-Home Services program, 13 year old Sam was dressed in her hand- made sweater sitting in a basket

that rested on the seat of Betty Jo’s walker. Betty Jo was so excited to get the care that Sam needed. She gushed about her precious Sam and told us of the things they did together. They were all they had.

As suddenly as it always seems, Betty Jo’s health took a turn for the worst. Her mobility was limited, and she was moved to a rehab facility that would soon become her permanent home. This facility could not allow Sam E. to move in. Our hearts were broken for them, and Rochele, a dedicated volunteer and now staff member, quickly figured out a way to keep them “together.”

A cat lover herself, Rochele took Sam home to join her clowder and took her to see Betty Jo regularly. Keeping that precious bond intact resulted in a bond between Rochele and Betty Jo. She became more than a client. She is an adopted grandmother, fellow cat lover, strong woman and shelter supporter.

When Sam’s health started to decline, Rochele kept Betty Jo in the loop with all of her medical care, and when the day came for Sam to cross the rainbow bridge, we knew Betty Jo had to be there. As broken as our hearts were, this day encompassed what we do: whatever it takes. Sam E. Cat, Betty Jo and Rochele all deserved this moment of peace, support and love.

We wondered even before this day came how losing Sam would affect Betty Jo. Rochele had the perfect solution! She came across artificial intelligence robo pets, did some research and it clicked! This was it. This was the way to provide the companionship of a pet without the physical requirements of caring for one, and Sams for Grams was born.

Betty Jo was given the first robo pet, and the benefits were astounding. She knows the cat isn’t real, but the comfort it brings is. When you’ve been a pet lover for nearly 90 years it is impossible to imagine your life without one. Everyone should be able to experience the joy and comfort a pet brings, and there should be a Sam for every Gram.

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