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Pawject Runway Program

Pawject Runway Program

OCTOBER 21, 2023

Welcome to the 9th Annual pawject Runway:
An Evening to Remember

Act 1

Grace Moroney & Ralphie

Pawsitively Paradise
Dancing Queen
Dog Handler: Grace Moroney

Tiandra Miller & Jimothy

Rockin’ Hearts
Dog Handler: Tiandra Miller

Act 2

Markayla Goodall & Tito

Platinum Paws
Alice in Wonderland
Dog Handler: Markayla Goodall

Natalie Moroney & Jet

Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort
Diamonds are Furever
Dog Handler: Natalie Moroney

Misty Stephan & Morty

Paw’s-n-Claw’s Pet Care Palace
Jeepin’ with Barbie & Ken
Dog Handler: Trinity Stephan

Act 3

Trisha Myers & Noodle

Von Aries
Dog Handler: Samantha Schlotter

Courtney Moehl & Finnegan

Courtney’s Critters Mobile Dog Spa
Zoo Animals
Dog Handler: Courtney Moehl

Breann Grzegorek & Sugar

Galaxy Grooming
Zombie Cat
Cat Handler: Breann Grzegorek


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Jessica Henry-Johnson, Humane Fort Wayne Executive Director

Julian Teekaram, 21 Alive

Krista Miller, Media Personality


Stage Manager

Shawna Robert



Lauren Barnard

Sandy Blackburn

Fran Gull

Cindy Oliver


Gabi Dunn

David Fenker

John Wagner



Miguel Quiñones



Shaffer Multimedia


Ron Clark, Co-Chair

Nikki Phillips, Co-Chair

Mary Baker

Bonnie Buell

Rachel Burkholder

Bev Carnes

Gabi Dunn

Melissa Gibson

Erika Halliwill

Aaron Horsewood

Jessica Henry-Johnson

Amy Lehman

Sara Millspaugh

Lona Pritchard

Vicki Swanson

Dani Wagner


Fremont Dog Lodge Boarding Grooming Training
Michelle Blackburn

Michelle Blackburn

For the longest time, Monsters Inc, has been one of her favorite movies. 7 years ago, Michelle did a Monsters Inc design while pregnant with her daughter. After learning more about the creative grooming world it is time to see how much progress has been made. Tonight is the 4th time Michelle is on the runway, and this time it is with her own, 8-year-old, Standard Poodle, Pongo. Michelle has been grooming for 9 years now but took a small hiatus after her daughter was born. It has now been 4 years since she has been back working on making dogs look and feel the best ever. 3 years ago, her husband joined her in the grooming industry turning grooming into more than a full-time job. On top of grooming there was now trying to be a teacher and boss, and it has worked out better than I thought it could.

Now having 2 kids under the age of 7 we watch a lot of cartoons, and the kids love it when they get to see the colorful dogs with characters from movies they have seen. She has a full house with 7 dogs as well. Savannah is a 16-year-old mixed breed, Piper is 10 and a mixed breed, Ryder and Pongo, standard Poodle brothers that are turning 9 this year, Sully our 3-year-old Great Dane, Our rescue Phoebe a 4-year-old mixed breed and Kimber a 1-year-old standard Poodle.


Pongo before makeover.

Fremont Dog Lodge Boarding Grooming Training
Reno-Scott Blackburn

Scott Blackburn

A lot has changed in just a few years. All for the better as Scott has started to learn more about the Dog Grooming Industry. After last year’s Inside out design, he started traveling to learn more and compete with some amazing groomers across the country. This year he is stepping away from color to focus on one of his struggles. Should have been a cowboy will show more of the beauty that is 1 year old Standard Poodle, Sierra.

After spending the last 10 years trying to find a career to spend the rest of his life on after retiring from NASCAR, Scott has found that grooming dogs can scratch that competitive itch while still allowing a creative outlet. Grooming has been an incredibly positive way to spend time with family as well as with his 7 dogs. Scott and his wife are groomers at the family-owned Fremont Dog Lodge in Fremont, IN.
Working together every day with your significant other can have its struggles but it is not something that he would trade for anything. Having that support standing next to you helps to create the amazing grooms you see tonight.


Sierra before makeover.

Platinum Paws
Markayla Goodall

Markayla Goodall

My name is Markayla Goodall but I usually go by Markie! I was born and raised in Indiana, growing up in Noblesville! Ever since I was little I have always loved animals. My dad had a one dog limit when I was younger but that changed pretty quickly when I was around 10 years old. My Aunt was getting rid of her little bichon and I just absolutely had to have her! So dad let us get our second dog, Sam. Sam was my introduction to creative grooming. I was sitting on the couch with her one day coloring and I guess I just had the idea to start coloring on her ears. So mom and dad came home to a dog with blue and pink ears. From there my brother and I would take her to petsmart to get her hair colored with safer products and we let the groomer give her crazy hairstyles! From there I fell in love with the idea of grooming. I started as a bather at petsmart in 2021 fresh out of high school. That same October I went to academy and became a dog groomer. So I have been grooming for about 2 years now. I chose grooming because I have always known that I wanted to work with animals. Through high school I narrowed down my choices to training, vet tech, and groomer. Grooming was the first opportunity presented to me so I took it and I haven’t looked back since.

It was through my Petsmart training that I discovered Lowchens! I ended up getting my dog Tito in August of 2022. Originally we were going to do agility together but then we both got lazy and decided to go more towards the creative grooming route. In the year that I’ve had him we have done quite a few different looks! I chose him because of how much we have already worked together and how well he does for me! I also just couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime.

Galaxy Grooming
Breann Grzegorek

Breann Grzegorek

Breann has been passionate about animals all her life, and her career in grooming has given her the opportunity to express her creative side with the animals she loves. Breann began her grooming career in 2010 after graduating from Brown Mackie College with a degree in veterinary technology.  Over the past 13 years, Breann has attended multiple grooming seminars and competed professionally in grooming competitions. Her grooming career initially began at PetSmart, where she was a bather for 3 years. Breann then progressed to a groomer and attended a month-long grooming school. Breann continued grooming at PetSmart for 3 additional years but then transitioned to a local veterinary clinic. During her time at the clinic, Breann helped facilitate the expansion and improvement of the clinic’s grooming department over the course of 7 years. Breann has also groomed for a well-known boarding and grooming facility in Niles, Michigan, where she honed her skills, perfected her hand scissoring techniques, and taught and mentored new groomers. Breann has worked tirelessly at her craft and her dream of owning her own salon has finally come to fruition. Breann is now the proud owner of Galaxy Grooming in Wakarusa, Indiana. Breann is currently studying with the National Cat Groomers Institute to work towards becoming a certified master cat groomer. Breann specializes in grooming cats, poodles and terriers, but loves grooming all breeds and sharing her knowledge of pet care with clients.

Sugar-Galaxy Grooming Cat

Sugar before makeover.

Jimothy-Tiandra Miller

Tiandra Miller

Hello! My name is Tiandra Miller and I am a newer groomer. I have been grooming for over a year and half now and am loving every second of it. I grew up in Camino California and met my husband there and he brought me back here to his hometown. We have been married for nine years now, have two handsome little boys, and three cats. I have always had dogs in my house (up until apartment living) and my family has a history of grooming and showing samoyed’s. When I was younger I wanted to be a veterinarian but as I got older it turned into a need that involved pets and some creativity. Grooming kind of just fell into my lap, I never actually expected to get where I am today. It was a struggle at first but with lots of passion, perseverance, and patience it has become second nature. I enjoy being able to educate owners about their dogs’ needs to help better the lives of both owner and pet.

I have to thank Logan Vanhorn for letting me use Jimothy in this show! Jimothy is a standard poodle and has been in shows his whole life, it’s kind of like he’s a natural or something. I am very excited and nervous about this opportunity because this is my first ever show. It truly is wonderful to have this experience and I am eager to grow my knowledge and skill while I am here. Thank you for having me!”

You can find Tiandra at Petco in Fort Wayne.

Jimothy-Tiandra Miller

Jimothy before makeover.

Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort
Grace Moroney

Grace Moroney

My name is Grace Moroney, I live in Angola but was born in England. I am a dog mom of a five-year-old American Bully named Griffin. I also have three horses. Fifty, Tigger and Roo. I have been employed at Pawsitively Paradise for three years. I started out doing kennel and office work. This is my first year grooming and at Pawject Runway. I am using my sister’s dog Ralphie. He was rescued from a hording situation of 80+ dogs about a year ago. Ralphie originally came to Pawsitively Paradise to be groomed. He was matted from head to toe. He has grown into quite the personality. For my theme, I decided to do Queen Bee because that matches his sassy and outgoing personality. I would like to thank Bonnie Buell for the opportunity and support, as well as my sister, Natalie.


Ralphie before makeover.

Pawsitively Paradise Pet Resort
Jet-Natalie Moroney

Natalie Moroney

I was Born and raised in England where my love for all animals began.With the influence of my mother and grandmother, my love for horses and dogs has shaped my life today. Over the years I have trained and shown many horses in multiple disciplines. Currently, I have 3 horses and a colt at home. Its been 2 years since I began grooming dogs and has quickly become one of my biggest passions. This is my second pawject runway and my love for creative grooming continues to grow. I absolutely love my job and the people I have met along the way have been a blessing.

Jet-Natalie Moroney

Jet before makeover.

Von Aries Kennels Boarding Grooming Training
Noodle-Trisha Myers

Trisha Myers

My name is Trisha. I’m from Fort Wayne and have been grooming five years. I am competing with my own personal dog. This will be his first show and my second. We enjoy going to Starbucks for a pup cup and goin on walks. Our theme is Pixar Cars. Noodle has been on my grooming table since he was six months old. He is the best companion I could have and I’m exciting to see how he does.

Samantha will be Noodle’s handler for the runway walk.


Noodle before makeover.

Paw's-n-Claw's Pet Care Palace
Misty Stephan

Misty Stephan

Misty Stephan is a Registered Veterinary Technician and local business owner of the Paw’s-n-Claw’s Pet Care Palace. She enjoys the ability to use her creative spirit in her business to find new and fun service options for pets and their people.

“Morty” is a first time Pawject Runway participant and was recently adopted from Humane Fort Wayne by its Executive Director. Now THAT’s a lucky dog!

Stephan’s youngest daughter, Trinity, will be returning again this year as her dog handler for the runway. In one way or another, Stephan’s children and family members have been helping with Pawject Runway shenanigans for the last nine years, and she couldn’t be more grateful for their support!

The theme this year is “Jeepin’ with Barbie and Ken”. Stephan is a huge Barbie fan from the 80’s and couldn’t wait to pair up the iconic couple in real life for a red carpet spin. Ken is so dreamy, and Barbie is, well, BARBIE! 

When she’s not creating big ideas in Fort Wayne, you’ll find her walking in the sun and sand at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after a recent vacation home purchase. Now, she’s not only boarding pets, but humans too! Find her vacation rental in the Pawject auction, and bid away for a chance to win a vacation at the beach. Stephan’s motto is her guideline for every experience she provides; “Royal Treatment for pets and people!”


Morty before makeover.

Courtney Moehl

Courtney Moehl

My name is Courtney Moehl. I have been grooming for 10 years. I own Courtney’s Critters Mobile Dog Grooming in Muncie Indiana and service select areas around Indianapolis. I have 2 children ages 5 and 7 with my wonderful husband who helps me run our small homestead. We have four standard poodles and one toy poodle, Fancy (4 yrs), Finnegan (2yrs), Sequoia (1 yr), Ruckus (6months) and Primley (8month old toy poodle). We have 15 Chickens who we hope start laying eggs soon.  We have 5 acres that we run and train our dogs on and I compete in the show ring with our poodles, as well as sports. Dog grooming is my passion and I’m blessed enough to have such wonderful dogs/clients who trust me to create a professional and luxurious Spaw days for their beloved pets!


Finnegan before makeover.


Lauren Barnard

Professional groomer Lauren Barnard is the owner of a grooming salon with a solid career in the pet industry for over ten years. When she is not grooming, she and her poodle, Prim, competes in various AKC & UKC competitions. This includes conformation, dock diving, fast cat, coursing, rally and agility! “Dogs definitely keep my life busy and happy”, Lauren states.




Sandy Blackburn

Sandy is a retired award winning creative groomer and author.  She now spends her time doing wildlife rehabilitation.  She has been married for 34 years to her husband Tim and has two sons Drew and Lane and a menagerie of animals at her home in Attica, IN. She and her husband are building a house on their 28 acre retirement property in the woods where she releases many of the animals she raises and rehabs.




Fran Gull

Honorable Fran Gull has served our community as a Criminal Court Judge since 1997. She’s a proud mom of three children and Nana to four granddaughters. She’s owned by one fierce rat terrier and two cocker spaniels (who’ve earned 15 titles in obedience and rally at shows over the years). As a lover of children, animals and veterans, Judge Gull is an active community volunteer.



Cindy Oliver

Cindy is owner of The Rollin’ Doghouse Mobile Pet Grooming in Cleveland, TN. She has been grooming since 1995 and holds a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science/Agriculture from Tennessee Tech University. Cindy is well-known in the industry for her work in creative grooming and abstract runway. She is a speaker for Creative and Mobile Grooming seminars around the world, and was nominated in 2016 & 2017 for the Barkleigh Honors: Up and Coming Speaker of the Year award. Cindy is also proud to be a part of the Global Andis Education Team as Creative Grooming Educator/Ambassador.




Kathleen Smith, Chair
Melissa McKown, Vice Chair
Lona Pritchard, Secretary
Reneta Thurairatnam, Treasurer

Terah Brogan
Jason Grover
Erika Halliwill

Mike McCartin
Michelle Hipskind
Kathryn Roudebush

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