Humane Fort Wayne operates entirely on the generosity of animal lovers in our community. Humane Fort Wayne is a no-kill shelter! Humane Fort Wayne is 100% donor-funded.
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Humane Fort Wayne is excited to share that Lotus, a HFW alumni, graduated from K9 school on Friday December 3, 2021 and is now a working police dog for the Allen County Sheriff’s Department. After many long weeks of training, Lotus will be the Northwest Allen County Schools’ resource dog. Join us in congratulating Lotus on her huge accomplishment!

Humane Fort Wayne is proud to announce our Volunteer Development Coordinator, Dani Wagner, has officially received her certification as a Volunteer Administrator! This is a huge accomplishment for Dani as well as our organization. Her dedication to our mission and her leadership with our volunteers allows us to do everything that we can to help the pets and people of Fort Wayne. Please join us in congratulating Dani!

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Fort Wayne, IN (July 16, 2021) – Humane Fort Wayne’s LoveSeats unveiling will take place July 17th at 12:00 PM at Freimann Square, 201 E Main St, Fort Wayne, IN 46802.

On July 17th, Humane Fort Wayne, in partnership with Leadership Fort Wayne, Greater FW Inc., and Bob Rohrman Subaru of Fort Wayne, will be unveiling their LoveSeats public art project to the Fort Wayne community. 25 interactive pieces were created by area artists as a way to learn more about the lifesaving work of Humane Fort Wayne, and to share the joy of art in our beautiful downtown with your family and friends – furry ones included!

To tour all 25 LoveSeats, speak with the artists and sponsors behind the pieces, and learn a little more about Humane Fort Wayne, meet us in front of the United Arts Center at 12:00 PM.

For more information on the LoveSeats public art project, visit

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The Allen County SPCA and H.O.P.E. for Animals announced today that their organizations have been re-named collectively Humane Fort Wayne.
On January 1, 2021, the two organizations legally merged to become a single, nonprofit entity. To solidify the merger and establish a true joint identity, a team of staff and board leadership, community stakeholders and marketing professionals was chosen to evaluate and select a new name for the organization, and in the end chose Humane Fort Wayne, formally the Humane Society of Greater Fort Wayne.
“It’s a brand new day for animal welfare in Allen County and beyond,” said Executive Director, Jessica Henry. “Not only will our name change reduce confusion between us and others with a similar acronym, but, more importantly, it heralds a true union between our organizations and signals to our entire community that we are so much more than just pet adoption. We believe we are the future of animal welfare in northeast Indiana, and our new name – ‘Humane Fort Wayne’ – is symbolic of our new mission – all of us, working together for the good of animals and humans.”
While the name and look of Humane Fort Wayne is new, all of the programs that have been available for pets (and pet lovers) including adoption, pet retention assistance, low cost spay/neuter, veterinary wellness services and more will continue to be offered.
Additionally, Humane Fort Wayne will continue to operate out of two locations – the shelter (formerly Allen County SPCA), located at 4914 S. Hanna Street, and the clinic (formerly H.O.P.E. for Animals) located at 1333 Maycrest Drive.
Humane Fort Wayne is the city’s only 100% donor-funded, nonprofit animal shelter and low-cost clinic.
Jessica Henry said, “As our city’s oldest animal shelter, combined with our progressive low-cost clinic options and social programs for disadvantaged pets, we look forward to serving this community for decades to come.”


Frequently Asked Questions

With a tremendous amount of overlap in our missions, values, and strategic plans, and very little overlap in our programs and services, we determined that we are able to have an even more positive impact on pets and their owners by joining forces operationally and becoming a single organization. On January 1, 2021 we officially merged as a single, nonprofit entity.

To celebrate the merger of two organizations into one, new animal welfare institution, we adopted a new name and brand through a rigorous strategic process, including a team of staff and board members from each organization as well as key community members.

Nothing. The new organization will continue to offer all of the same services and programs offered before, in the same locations as before. Both locations will offer education and outreach programs and volunteer opportunities. The Clinic (1333 Maycrest Drive, Fort Wayne, IN 46805) offers Low-cost spay and neuter surgeries, Low-cost Wellness Clinic services, and the Community Cat program. The Shelter (4914 S. Hanna Street, Fort Wayne, IN 4680) offers a Comprehensive pet adoption program, Pet Retention and Pet Surrender programs, Emergency and In-Home Service Pet Assistance programs, and the Working Cat program.

When Brenda lost her beloved 16 year old dog last January, she turned to the Allen County SPCA for help finding a new family member.

She immediately fell for Roxbury. The dog not only made an instant connection with Brenda, but also with her son, who has autism. All of us expected a lifetime off happiness for them.

Roxy was the perfect addition to the family!

But this summer, tragedy struck. A house fire left Brenda and her son temporarily homeless, with no place for Roxy. The family was devastated and terrified to lose their four-legged companion.

Thanks to a grant from PetSmart Charities and our Compassion Foster Program, Roxy was able to stay with us here at the Allen County SPCA while her mom worked to rebuild her life.

In the meantime, our dedicated staff and volunteers gave Roxy all the love a pup could ask for! Brenda and her son visited regularly, always looking forward to the day they could bring Roxy home again.

With their home rebuilt, all they needed was a fence for Roxy. So a couple of weeks ago, several of our staff and volunteers took a Sunday to build the fence for her!

And just like that, this loving family was together again!

Click here to learn more about our Pet Promises and Compassion Foster programs.

Most of us get a little nervous the first day on the job, but not Boots!

Boots is excited to be the 500th feline hired through the Allen County SPCA’s Working Cat Program!

Working Cats are felines that are not suitable for life inside of a house or are accustomed to the outdoor life.

An alternative to euthanasia, the Working Cat Program is designed for cats that have been deemed “un-adoptable” through traditional means.

In partnership with Fort Wayne Animal Care and Control (FWACC) and H.O.P.E. for Animals, this program matches cats with cat lovers who have a barn or other secure outdoor structure and are interested in adopting a “working” feline for their property.

Boots’ story began when she was brought to FWACC from her long-time community cat colony with a severe injury to her back leg.

FWACC offered to treat the injury, update Boots’ vaccines and return her to the colony if there was a way she could recover safely there.

Sadly, there wasn’t. She’d have to remain at FWACC until she was well again. But Boots’ leg would need time to recover, and safely returning her to the colony she knew after a month-long absence wouldn’t be possible.

When her leg was fully healed, FWACC knew they needed to find a solution for Boots. So, they reached out to us to see if a Working Cat placement was available. Luckily for Boots, a local family just happened to be hiring!

September 9, 2020, Boots and two other feline colleagues were taken to their new “office” and started work right away!

It’s a new day in Fort Wayne, and Boots’ story illustrates that purrrrfectly!

Today, our area’s animal welfare community is working hard to ensure that lifesaving alternatives and opportunities are available for hundreds of animals like Boots who don’t fit the traditional adoption mold.

Thanks to YOU and the hundreds of Working Cat “employers” who saw the value in these felines, today we celebrate Boots and her 499 feline colleagues who are safe, happy, healthy and gainfully employed!

Learn more about our Working Cat program, or to apply to employ a Working Cat of your own!


We’re excited to share the news with you that effective January 1, 2021, Allen County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and H.O.P.E. for Animals (Humane Organization for the Prevention of Euthanasia) will merge as a single, nonprofit entity. The new joint entity will use the IRC 501(c)(3) charitable exemption and corporate structure of the SPCA.

The board of directors will be made up of board members from both Allen County SPCA and H.O.P.E. for Animals, and its executive director will be Jessica Henry, currently the executive director of Allen County SPCA. H.O.P.E. for Animals executive director, Allison Miller, will serve in an advisory role throughout the merger process.

“We found a significant overlap in our missions and our audiences, yet very little overlap in our programs and services,” said Kathryn Roudebush, board chair, Allen County SPCA. “Together, with our efforts and operations truly integrated, we feel we can be an even more positive force for animal welfare in northeastern Indiana.”

Allen County SPCA, founded in 1956, has served more than 60,000 animals and their owners. In the last decade, Allen County SPCA’s capacity grew and adoption rates quintupled. Additional services to underprivileged pet owners were added in 2015, and now the Allen County SPCA provides myriad comprehensive social service initiatives and emergency assistance programs for pets and their people.

Founded in 2008, H.O.P.E. for Animals has spayed or neutered more than 100,000 animals in northeastern Indiana, resulting in a reduction of cat and dog euthanasia by more than 70%. Originally structured as an animal rescue organization, the organization refocused its mission to serve solely as a spay/neuter/wellness clinic in 2010, and 2020 marks the ten-year anniversary of the region’s only low-cost clinic for cats and dogs.

H.O.P.E. for Animals’ board chair, Melissa McKown, said, “Not only do our organizations have a long history of collaboration, but as we analyzed our strategic plans, we found great alignment there, too. Our capacity to do good work together is enormous. This really is a case of one plus one equaling three.”

Allen County SPCA is located at 4914 Hanna Street, on the southeast side of downtown Fort Wayne. H.O.P.E. for Animals is located at 1333 Maycrest Drive, on Fort Wayne’s near east side. The new organization will continue to work out of both locations.

Amy-Jo Site, Director of Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control said, “We at Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control are beyond elated for the merger between H.O.P.E. For Animals and the Allen County SPCA. Both agencies have been pivotal In decreasing the unnecessary euthanasia of animals in our community. Whether it’s through providing basic wellness, spay/neuter services, pet retention assistance, or by taking adoptable animals from our shelter, both entities have made our coalition a success. Combining their resources will allow for further advancement of animal welfare. Our community is truly blessed to have such dedicated agencies provide the multitude of services available to the animals.  We are looking forward to continuing our coalition efforts with the merged agencies.”

Allen County SPCA is the community’s only no-kill shelter. Its services include a comprehensive adoption program, education and outreach programs, pet retention and pet surrender programs, and community and working cat programs.

H.O.P.E. for Animals’ services include spay and neuter surgery, a wellness clinic and the community cat program. The latter is operated in collaboration with Allen County SPCA and Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control.

The merger process was funded by a $35,000 Capacity Building Grant from Foellinger Foundation. “At Foellinger Foundation, we invest in excellence,” said Cheryl Taylor, president of the Foundation. “We were pleased to support the staff and board leaders of these organizations as they committed to the rigorous and sometimes difficult task of analyzing operational and emotional factors to evaluate and map their most effective path forward.”

We think of our two organizations as a “bonded pair.” We’ve grown to serve this community together—it’s our home. We look forward to continuing our services, and commit to growing to make an even more positive impact. Our capacity to do good work together is enormous.

Thank you,

Jessica Henry
Executive Director
Allen County SPCA
Allison Miller
Executive Director
HOPE for Animals

Frequently Asked Questions

With a tremendous amount of overlap in our missions, values and strategic plans, and very little overlap in our programs and services, we’ve determined that we’ll be able to have an even more positive impact on pets and their owners by joining forces operationally and becoming a single organization. With a transition in leadership at H.O.P.E. for Animals, strong financial standing and bold plans for the future for each organization, the timing is right to become one now.

Through a Foellinger Foundation Capacity Building Grant, we engaged True North NPO to lead a rigorous and thorough analysis of strategic restructuring. The Working Team for this engagement included staff and board members from both Allen County SPCA and H.O.P.E. for Animals. Guiding principles were established, and the Working Team dove deep on governance and administrative structures, financials, legal and structuring issues and strategic planning documents before issuing their recommendation.

Each of the organizations has approved a plan of merger, which will result in the organizations coming together into a combined governance structure within the next several weeks. The plan of merger will culminate in the legal merger of H.O.P.E into Allen County SPCA effective January 1, 2021 after employees, vendors and donor relationships have been effectively transitioned from H.O.P.E. to Allen County SPCA. Jessica Henry will be executive director of the merged organization, and its board of directors will be made up of current board members of Allen County SPCA and H.O.P.E. for Animals.

Nothing. The new organization will continue to offer all of the services and programs offered by Allen County SPCA and H.O.P.E. for Animals. In fact, the strategic plans of each organization already point to expanded services in the future, and by becoming one organization, we intend to get there sooner than we could apart.

We sincerely believe that we are stronger together, and that by becoming a single organization, we will be able to even better serve pets and pet owners in our region. We will continue to be the organization(s) you love, and will grow and evolve to offer even more robust and comprehensive services and programs. Operating without any financial support from the government, we look forward to the continued support of pet lovers in our community. You’re our people, and we’re yours.

#GivingTuesdayNow is a global day of giving and unity that will take place on May 5, 2020 as an emergency response to the unprecedented need caused by COVID-19. You can donate to the Allen County SPCA online or support us through our Amazon Wishlist.

Amazon Wish List

Or items may be sent to the shelter directly or dropped off at the shelter, 4914 S. Hanna Street, Fort Wayne, IN 46806.

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